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Team Up! A student collaboration project

Team Up! was originally developed as an online assessment tool to be used for synchronous group work in a fully online course. It is a UofT-developed browser-based tool that has been further developed so that it can be used on any device in large classes on all 3 campuses. Last academic year, more than 6000 students on the St. George campus used it for marks. The current format allows for multiple-choice questions, but could be expanded to include other formats in the future. Team Up! is attractive to students and instructors because it: promotes active learning, group work, & peer teaching; provides immediate feedback (and part-marks for partial understanding); may be used in any discipline; is available through Quercus and records marks directly into grades; is free; is secure (hosted at UofT); and provides instructors with real-time class analytics.

The seminar will provide an overview of some use cases of the tool and also an opportunity to try the tool on your device. If you wish to try Team Up!, please send your utorid to Melody Neumann ( so that she can enroll you as a student in her Quercus Sandbox course and bring your device (smart phone, laptop, or tablet) along to the seminar.